Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bike Troubles

"Expensive new bike I can't afford" has been good to me so far. The first time I rode it I knew it would be a good relationship. Unfortunately, I have not been so good to the bike. Of course I've tried, but things just seem to happen to me that don't seem to happen to anyone else. First, I crashed my bike into a curb 3 weeks ago. I lost the road to a car and ran right into a curb going pretty fast. When I got up the bike didn't seem to be too bad off and in fact, it looked better than I felt. I was kind of shaken up though and my shin was killing me so it wasn't until after I got home (had to walk because the front tire was shredded) that I realized that there was a huge dent in the top tube. How I could have missed that before I'm not sure. The dent is probably not that huge but it was, and is, to me. Now I get comments like "That's a nice bike, ohhh, with a big dent". It also feels like there's a dent in my shin to match the one on my bike, but I'm getting over that. So that was bike incident number one.

This Saturday I finally got clipless pedals which I realize is a bit late considering that my ironman is in 2 weeks. I just couldn't really afford them before and when I could it always seemed like the wrong time to get them. We always seemed to have some big ride scheduled that would make getting used to clipless pedals difficult. Anyway, I got them on Saturday and went and rode around the neighborhood with no problems. I was waiting for the inevitable fall but it never came. So Sunday I went out for a short 20 mile ride and felt great. I love the pedals and was especially loving them on the hills. Then with only a few miles to go a guy in a truck on the other side of the road yelled at me to get off the road. It's a 4 lane road and he was on the other side anyway so I don't know what his problem was. While looking at him (not smart) I rode right into a huge crack in the street and my front tire got stuck which caused me to fall (more like tip over). I really wasn't going fast because I had just ridden up a huge hill and was coming to a light. I got up thinking nothing too bad could have happened. But when I got back on the bike the tire wobbled and made a scraping sound every time one part of it touched the brake. Not good. Another slow trek back home with a beat up bike. And the verdict is: The wheel is too bent to be fixed and I need a new one. Definitely can't afford a new wheel right now. But I will somehow.

So I'm stuck with swimming right now. I have been forbidden from running by my coach who says I need to let my shin heal some. I have gotten all my big runs in so I should be ok there. I'm waiting to go back to the bike shop I got my bike from and where we sometimes get good deals in the hopes of them working something out for me. So I'm not biking either. Just swimming. Again.


JohnnyTri said...

Now thats a heck of an experience for the "expensive new bike i cant afford." Way to go on takin on the Redman, Let me know how it goes.

Wrenching Winz said...

Ouch. Sounds like a tacoed wheel. It can be fixed but its a pain to do. If you know a wheel builder in your town, buy a rim and relace the hub to the new rim. Good luck!