Tuesday, September 19, 2006

4 Days Left

Well, not to0 much to say except, 4 days to Redman!! I'm way too excited I think. Which is why I'm sitting here typing instead so sleeping like I should be. I found out my number, 224. It's a good number I think. I'm feeling some good vibes from the 224. I felt like I was getting sick all weekend but I think I managed to kick the colds ass and now I'm feeling pretty good. Just a whole lot of nervous energy that I'm too sure what to do with. It's killing me to sit through work for 8 hours and I'm wishing I had more time to take off. But I don't really know what I'd do at home with all this energy either. So many things have gone through my mind in the past few days.

Sometimes I think I'm ready, sometimes I know I'm ready and sometimes I want to call and see if it's too late to switch to the half.

I think of what it will feel like to cross that finish line and I think of what I'll do if I don't

I think of the person I've become and the person I will be by this time next week. I will be an Ironman. Ok Redman, but whatever.

I think of all the training I've done and hope that it's been enough.

I wonder if there's some thing I could do in the next couple of days that would make all the difference on Saturday. Should I see a chiropractor? Maybe get a massage. Maybe I need a haircut (that's really random). Maybe I should buy some new clothes. What if I had better bike shoes? Maybe I should look for some. What if I don't eat one bit of sugar or one bad thing for the rest of the week? Maybe I should call in to work and lay on the couch for 2 days reading books. What if I fall off my bike tomorrow? Ok, that's a serious concern. What if I'm tired, what if I can't sleep anymore until Saturday?

As you can see if goes on and on. But mostly I know I'm ready. I've trained, if only for 3 months. I've put the time in, I've done the distances. I've conquered fears and pushed myself. I've known without a doubt I could do it and then wondered if I was even justified in starting. But I will start and hopefully I'll come home an Ironman. Everytime I close my eyes I see that finish line and I can feel myself crossing it, hugging my friends, the people I've trained with for months and just feeling alive. I can't wait.


Army Gator said...

Good luck this weekend. A good friend of mine did Ironman Coure de'lene on a short training cycle and I don't think he ever did more than 3 hours of exercise at a time (except one marathon). He completed it in less than 16.

Flatman said...

Good luck at your big race! I am anxious to hear about it, as I might try it someday...

sak said...

good luck with the nerves, just staya way from the shots on thur. youll be great on the 23rd, an IRONMAN.