Monday, September 11, 2006

The Beginning

So, I've finally started a blog. We'll see how this goes as I'm not very good at keeping up with writing things. Besides, it's a little late considering that my first ironman is in less than 2 weeks. The journey to ironman came about in a strange way. I ran my first marathon with Team in Training in June and when I started I seriously thought that would be it. But soon after starting (as the running got easier and I could actually make 1 mile without stopping) I was addicted.

I ran the Rock 'N' Roll Marathon in San Diego, hungover (but that's another story), and then randomly decided that training for a full ironman by the end of September was a great idea. I started with a little Trek 1000 bike that my coach helped me pick out but 2 weeks later the little Trek was gone for "way too expensive but really cool bike". I also started out training for the 1/2 ironman and that quickly turned into "I'm sure I can train for a full ironman in 3 month". Sure, no big deal right.

It's been a crazy, wonderful, enlightening, painful at times, and enlightening experience. I have pushed myself further than I ever thought possible, and I haven't even done the ironman yet. I find myself amazed at the new me who can swim, bike and run iron distances. Last week I completed a tough, very hilly century ride that a month earlier I could not complete and had to stop at 75 miles. It felt great to know how far I have come in such a short amount of time.

So now I find myself addicted to triathlon and just as addicted to running. I think what I really love is seeing how far I can go, how much my body and my spirit can take. I plan to keep training for another ironman next year, and also train for a 100 mile run. We'll see how it goes.


Iron Pol said...

Well, I'll be the first to wish you good luck. I ran my first half-marathon under the abbreviated training program, and hope that 12 weeks has been sufficient.

If you have the aerobic base and enough background in each discipline, the buildup to Ironman is generally slated for 20 weeks, so it's not outside the realm of possible. Definitely set your goals as having fun first and finishing second.

It's a daunting challenge you've taken up, and just getting to the line this quickly should make you proud.

Mike's Soap Box said...

I know that you will do great, you give me so much inspiration, that now I'm training for a marathon.

I love you, Mom ove you, Mom