Sunday, April 29, 2007

A New Start

I've decided that I'll officially start blogging again. It didn't go too well before but maybe this time will be better. Since I last posted in October so much has happened. I did not run that 50k I was training for, but did run 2 others. I also ran a half marathon and another full marathon. It sure was a lot in a years time. But then again, I'm not known for patience or taking things slowly.

My last marathon did not go so well. I PR'd (4:15) which was an hour faster than my first marathon. But I have paid dearly for that time. I ended up with a stress fracture - in my pelvis of all places. It was a painful last 8 miles and it definitely was not worth the past 4 months of recovery. I don't think I'll be writing a report of that marathon. Pain and stupidity pretty much sums it up.

So this is a new start for me. I'm slowly trying to get back into running, although I haven't had much success yet. But I am biking and swimming and weight training in the hopes that healing will eventually come. It's been a long road and, despite my attempts to learn something from it, I've often been frustrated and impatient.

Koach has stuck by me every step of the way despite my frequent arguments that I am ready to run (when I'm not), my lengthy emails and my grumpiness. Running has given me so much in this past year that I've had a hard time with the temporary loss of it.

But I'm almost there. I biked 13 miles this morning and felt good. My training is getting tougher and my body seems to be taking it well, as long as I don't run. Our plan is to increase my strength so that I can come back stronger than before. And since I can't run I'm considering another iron distance triathlon. Maybe it's meant to be. Maybe this is my year to really improve my bike and swim. There must be some point to all of this.

There's so much to say since October of last year but this will do for now. Wish me luck in my return to running on May 14th.


Greg said...

go for it, Shannan! Recovery can be tough.

Faithful Soles said...

Good luck on your return to running. I myself just finished a 2 month layoff from a bad left shin splint.

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