Sunday, July 27, 2008


I really wrote this on April 23rd but I never got the chance to post it. So here it is: Ok, once again I am restarting my blog. I keep thinking about it and now seems to be as good a time as any. There will be time later to talk about my latest running accomplishments and goals. But for now I have something else to say. I’m on a plane on my way home from burying my grandmother. I miss her more than I thought or realized I would. But at the same time I know how much of her I take with me in this life. I will always strive to be the kind of woman she was and to live my life with the grace and faith that she did. So as I sat here stressing over how many things I have to do when I get home I finally just smiled with a new realization. It’s a beautiful day out. The sun is shining, Spring has arrived and summer is near. I have a job that I love and friends that love me. Because of the way my grandmother saved her money, I’ll be able to pay off a few more bills and pay for my Personal Training certification. I just got certified as a Lifeguard Instructor and I’m excited to train my team this summer and prove what kind of a leader I can be. We are running an endurance camp this summer that I get to help coach which is a huge opportunity and something I’m very excited for. My dad and I made up and made plans to do some things together (we had not spoken since Thanksgiving). And on that note, should I run 40 miles this weekend? Probably not. I have a million things to do and I don’t really even feel recovered from Brew to Brew. But what would my grandma do if she were me? I have no doubt that she’d be there Saturday morning with a smile. So it’s time. To embrace life and to find hope in my future. Sometimes you just have to try even though you don’t know what may happen. I need to run. Because I look at my family sitting around getting drunk and fat, complaining that their knees hurt and they’re too tired and it’s easier to sit on the couch. And I know one thing. I am not them. I run because I can, because I love the experience of just being out there. Because every time I run a find peace and I find faith. I feel my grandmother’s spirit with me and I know how proud of me she would be. There is a joy in that that goes way beyond staying in shape or fitness. This is what I was meant to do. I have finally found my way. I have more respect for my grandmother than I could ever put into words and I hope she is always with me, cheering me on and filling me with her graceful spirit.

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